Real-time coaching

With Indicate me in your hands you will never miss a coaching opportunity, even if you aren’t on the Contact Center floor with your team.

At Indicate me we believe that great customer service experience begins with great customer service agents. Indicate me helps Team Leaders and QA Managers to identify coaching opportunities and focus on time spent with your agents, not administrative work. As a result, you can motivate and encourage your agents to perform at their best.

Positive reinforcement

With a constant flow of feedback from customers, there is always something positive that we can enhance to the agents. With our automatic live feed, everyone can see positive results in terms of e.g. happy customers and positive verbatim customer feedback. The real time feedback is also a great opportunity for team leaders to give agents positive reinforcement immediately after a well-performed interaction.

Enable self-leadership

Agents will receive negative customer feedback from time to time. When they do, give your agents the chance to self-correct and proactively reach out to team leaders for help. Allowing agents to see their overall performance, as well as feedback from coaching sessions, enables self-leadership. The stream of feedback drives engagement, motivation and retention.

Coaching Scorecards

Indicate me enables you to connect the customer feedback to the relevant recordings and written interactions, which are easily streamed in the dashboard. This makes it possible to find interactions for coaching sessions and to attach that interaction to your evaluation scorecard.

The scorecards are fully customizable by you and can be changed based on the purpose of the coaching. Weighting the scoring and categorizing questions into different sections makes it easy to follow up if the coaching gives the result you intend. The result of all coaching sessions can be followed in the dashboard, making it possible to adjust training based on individual needs.

Coaching is a two-way communication – regardless of if you are physically located elsewhere. Indicate me enables both online and offline coaching while keeping the holistic view of the customer service quality.

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