Manage all KPIs in one place

Information only has value to an organization if it can be converted into insights that lead to improvements. Indicate me makes it easy to find and analyze KPIs.

Gain insights from your information

All data in Indicate me can easily be linked to a customer interaction, an employee, and a skill. This makes it possible to cross-reference all KPIs in the dashboard, which provides insights on many different areas. The key is to keep it simple by providing a user experience that increases everyone’s understanding of the contact center performance.

Pay attention to what needs attention

Mangers need access to tools that give them quick insights of what needs their attention. Indicate me makes it easy to gain insight of what needs to be taken care of both on a process level and individual level. This enables better coaching with minimal effort by the Team Leader and QA Manager.

Indicate me helps you focus on the things that need your focus each day, no matter if you’re an agent, Team Leader, QA Manager or Executive. Everyone will have daily access to insights at their level. Sharing insights has never been easier with Indicate me.

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1. All gathered data can be linked to a customer interaction, an employee, and a skill. This provides an excellent basis for analyses.

2. Insights can easily be shared across your organization, with everyone having the information they need on a daily basis.


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