Performance Management

Visibility into performance

Indicate me allows team leaders to reduce time on manual data analysis and still gain valuable insights regarding agent and team performance. Team leaders receive automatic alerts regarding deviations, making it easy to identify positive as well as negative trends and areas of improvements.

Effective cost control

Indicate me helps your organization increase the productivity and improve the financial performance of your customer service, without losing track of quality. With an in-dept understanding of customer service operations, Indicate me has a unique concept of providing insights on your customer service performance.

Maximize contribution

Indicate me allows you to maximize contribution by aligning performance goals and increasing transparency. As a result, you gain total control over time spent in customer service and how it can be optimized.

Improve Agent performance

Agents can follow their results in real time, which is an effective way to increase agent motivation and understanding of time spent. This makes it easier to align goals with business objectives, leading to improved performance metrics.

Manage all KPIs in one place

Indicate me provides metrics from high-level down to individual level, all in one dashboard. Data is automatically gathered from multiple sources, for example a call center platform, a workforce management system and CRM.

Key Indicate, Macbook Air Key Indicate, Macbook Air

1. All performance metrics can be visualized in Indicate me, with a comparison of planned and executed time in the contact center.

2. Indicate me allows team leaders to optimize staffing and work efficiency.

“Already during the first year of using Indicate me we increased productivity by more than 50 percent and reduced personnel costs by several million Swedish kronor.”


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