Quality Assurance

Better customer experience insights

Measuring customer satisfaction may seem obvious, but a measurement only improves the interaction with customers when you act on the results. Indicate me delivers customer experience insights with a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to reach better insights.

Don´t miss out on what makes QA so valuable

Each hour spent on manual tasks for Quality Assurance means missing out on what makes QA so valuable – the ability to effectively coach agents to be more successful and improve the overall customer experience.

The Quality Assurance module from Indicate me will provide you with valuable insights that will make your business more successful.

Empower Agents

Empower agents to deliver great customer experiences by automatically providing them with customer feedback and positive customer comments. Understand the underlying aspects of your customer satisfaction by connecting other metrics involved in the customer interaction.

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1. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is based on surveys after an interaction with your customer service agents, customizable to your needs.

2. All individual CSAT scores and transactional NPS can be combined with other metrics to find areas of improvements. s.

“With Indicate me we can see the customer satisfaction of each individual interaction, which provides good insights for coaching.”


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