Reason for contact

Gain insights from customer interactions

A crucial part of each successful customer service organization is understanding the reason why customers reach out to customer service. Indicate me provides visualization of insights in a user-friendly dashboard, as well as aggregated data showing trends over time.

Categorization of interactions

The ability to categorize interactions makes it easier to see themes in customer interactions and easier and faster to gain insights regarding customer pain points.

Incoming interactions are categorized and the reason for contact can be followed in real time. This enables a quicker identification of deviations, allowing you to be more proactive with information to the customers e.g. on self-service portals or IVR.

The different categories of interactions can also be cross-referenced to the customer satisfaction. This reveals why the customers are satisfied or dissatisfied, referenced to what kind of request they had when taking contact with the customer service. The insights can easily be shared across your organization so different departments can leverage the information and adjust accordingly. As a result, it will yield decreased incoming volume and more satisfied customers.

Key Indicate, Macbook Air Key Indicate, Macbook Air

1. Trends showing why and when the customers are in contact with your customer service.

2. The reason for contact will be defined for all incoming customer channels, revealing the total volume in each category and sub-category.

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