All KPIs in one place

Quickly finding decisive key performance indicators and conducting analyses has never been easier. The results are swiftly presented in clear and easily understood charts.

All facts gathered via our services can be linked to a case, an employee, and a team. This provides extensive opportunities to analyze and reveal the causes of any deviations from established targets. The Analysis service enables supervisors and managers to easily perform their own analyses with little effort and provides insight into what needs to be done to implement improvements. Simplicity is key; you don’t need to be an analyst or Excel guru to see correlations.

Move from information to insight

Information is of little value unless you can convert it into insight and then make improvements. If everyone has access to the same information and, what’s more, can perform the same analyses with little effort, then naturally these insights reach more people throughout the organization. If someone should overlook a major deviation, it will turn up as an action in a checklist for supervisors, who can do something about it.

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1. All gathered data can be linked to a case, an employee, and a team. This provides an excellent basis for analyses.

2. Individual highs and lows are easily discerned and timelines can be adjusted with a dynamic integrated tool.

“Coaching is fundamental if we are to maintain or exceed our quality targets. With Analysis, we know exactly what to coach and can see developments in real time.”


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