Effective cost control

Our Effect web service offers great opportunities for improving the financial performance of your customer service. Do you currently handle all cases in a time-efficient and smart manner?

Effective customer service employees who handle customer cases in a smart and time-efficient manner are key to achieving expected service levels and keeping customer service costs under control. The Effect service tracks, for example, productivity and efficiency, the average case handling time, and sick leave. The system clearly shows any shortcomings where employees handle cases in an inefficient manner or spend time on the wrong things. Differences between the various channels – telephone, chat, and e-mail – are analyzed and visualized directly in the system. Effect helps you steer change work in the right direction with increased efficiency and improved profitability as a result.

A central part of ongoing change work

Effect provides operations with insight into which processes need to be simplified to facilitate the work of customer service employees, such as whether information is easily available or whether there is a need for greater efforts or investments to improve the efficiency of customer service work.

Key Indicate, Macbook Air Key Indicate, Macbook Air

1. Productivity and efficiency are of central value in all effective customer service operations. With Indicate me, these values can be compared relative to target values.

2. Central to the supervisor role is handling and following up absence in order to optimize staffing and work efficiency.

“Already during the first year of using Effect we increased productivity by more than 50 percent and reduced personnel costs by several million Swedish kronor.”


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