Why customers contact customer service

Categorizing different customer case types in a log provides an overview of the issues raised with customer service and when they are received.

Customers who contact a customer center do not do so to chit-chat with the dedicated and friendly staff. They have one, or perhaps several, issues to resolve. By categorizing the subject matter of all telephone calls, e-mail messages, and chat messages, we obtain information about these issues so that we can learn more about problem areas and their solutions.

Reduced costs with proactive service

Incoming cases are logged and can be followed in real time. This enables any deviations to be identified quickly. Customer service is able to work with proactive information to provide rapid service. This can entail publishing information on the website about current disruptions or sending messages to customers about how they themselves can solve certain issues that are common at a certain point in time. Our Log service shows you when it’s time to act.

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1. With dynamic line charts it’s easy to discern different trends and tendencies, which simplifies follow-ups.

2. The main categories show which channels are used in a customer project and how they relate to each other. Different customers have different categories.

“With Log we know which case types customer service will need to deal with and together with Quality we can see exactly where improvements can be made.”

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