Insights into the customer experience

Today, a Customer Satisfaction Index – or CSI – is a key performance indicator for measuring the quality of customer service work. Indicate me helps you do this even better.

Measuring customer satisfaction may seem obvious, but a measurement doesn’t improve interaction with customers unless you act on the results. Our Quality service offers all the functionality of traditional measurement tools, but also comes in attractive, modern, and responsive packaging. All recorded conversations can be sorted by rating, not only to praise star customer service employees but also to reveal room for improvement. If a customer is dissatisfied, a team leader can take direct action, adding a to do task to their checklist. If you would like to know which case types have a low resolution rate or where know-how needs to be improved, customer satisfaction can be combined with categorization.

Customer satisfaction in different case types

Employees can see their individual results and listen to or read any customer comments. By examining, for example, how the resolution rate or knowledge level varies depending on case type, processes can be improved and training material updated.

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1. CSI is based on surveys after contact has been made with customer service.

2. All individual CSI values can be combined into an overall total CSI, which can be linked to target values and analyzed to discern tendencies.

“With Quality we can see the customer service ratings of each individual case, which provides a good basis for coaching.”


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