Increased upselling with follow-ups

Value enables customer service employees to see current special offers they can promote during ongoing dialogs. Value is a smart service that can contribute to growth.

Most companies usually want to offer some form of added value to their customers, as well as upselling. We have devised a good solution for providing employees with correct information about special offers during ongoing dialogs and for compiling sales results in an easily understood format. In addition to following conversion rates, offer rates, and closed sales, everyone can see charts showing who performed best in various categories. If employees also receive commission, they can easily see how much it will boost their salary at the end of each month.

Have fun along the way

Gamification is a concept that is widely used in many industries today. Indicate me has embraced a competitive element to motivate employees in upselling in particular, but also within other qualitative areas. We have noticed that customer service employees find it more fun to follow results if they are personal and more social, with recognition of their performance. Gamification improves results and provides an all-round win-win scenario.

Key Indicate, Macbook Air Key Indicate, Macbook Air

1. The offer rate shows the extent to which employees remember to inform customers about a special offer. Conversion indicates a closed sale.

2. In order to emphasize the earnings potential for employees, commission is presented dynamically and in real time with a total value forecast.

“We increased our sales by 80 percent with the aid of the Value service in less than a year and set a new record for direct debit customers.”

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