Indicate me allows you to:

• Boost agent engagement
• Gain insight into service performance
• Increase productivity and efficiency
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Increased self-leadership


  • Performance Management

    Get insight how your service organization is performing. Indicate me has a unique concept of transforming key performance indicators to valuable insights, with an in-depth understanding of operational processes in the contact center. Optimize staffing with increased productivity.


    • Productivity and efficiency
    • Service levels
    • Interaction statistics
    • WFM data
    • Employee turnover insights
  • Quality Assurance

    Empower agents to deliver great customer experiences by automatically providing them with customer feedback and positive customer comments. Understand the underlying aspects of your customer satisfaction by connecting to other metrics involved in the customer interaction.


    • Customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT)
    • Transactional Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Customer Effort Score (CES)
    • Customer verbatim feedback
    • Sort all recorded conversations by CSAT rating
  • Gamification

    Award agents for positive customer feedback or completion of a training program – the area of recognition is up to you! Visualize team leaderboards presenting the highest CSAT or share positive agent-level customer feedback in the live feed. Agents that love competitions can challenge each other on pre-defined metrics.


    • Badges and rewards
    • Sales statistics
    • Team competitions
    • Agent one-on-one challenges
  • Reason for contact

    Find out the reason why the customers are in contact with the customer service, no matter the channel. Indicate me provides visualization of insights in real time, as well as aggregated data showing trends. Share information on all organizational levels to drive operational efficiency and reduce call volumes by understanding the underlying cause of customer contacts.


    • Categorization of interactions
    • All customer channels
    • Micro- and macro-level insights
  • Insights

    Whether you are an agent, team leader or executive, Indicate me provides a complete visibility of your customer service performance. With all metrics gathered in one dashboard, it’s easy to combine metrics to find areas of improvements at all levels.


    • Combine metrics to find root causes
    • Reason for customer satisfaction
    • Play interaction recordings
    • Trends over time
    • Aggregated results in all channels

What our clients say about us

“Indicate me aligns perfectly to our strategy of providing ownership to our employees, where everyone can see their own targets and how they can affect their day-to-day performance.”

Johan Barreus, Operations Manager at IKEA Sweden.

Why Indicate me is right for your organization:

1. Better insights

The main reason why organizations choose Indicate me is because they gain visibility into their service performance.

2. Say goodbye to multiple systems!

Giving you a quicker and more uniform view of your data, despite different data sources.

3. Real time feedback

Service agents receive real time insights of how they are performing.

4. Increased self-leadership

Indicate me keeps your agents motivated and engaged to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

5. Coaching

Team Leaders can manage their team with one-on-one coaching, no matter where they are located.

Indicate me provides your organization with the right tools to engage, empower and retain your agents.

Indicate me is the only Performance Management tool your team needs!

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