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Tools for self-leadership and engagement in customer service

Do you want to boost your customer service agents and motivate them to deliver fantastic customer experiences? Do you want happy and loyal agents?

With Indicate me’s tool for self-leadership and engagement in customer service, you put your agents in the driver’s seat of their own development. User-friendliness, happy colors, and an engaging interface permeate the entire tool. With Indicate me, everyday life becomes both easier and more enjoyable.

In addition, the tool is web-based and easy to access regardless of location, time, or choice of technical device.

The tool’s unique features are continuously developed by our own developers based on the market and our customers’ demands.

Self-leadership and engagement

Put the agent in the driver’s seat of their own development.

Web-based service

Web-based service with access regardless of location or time.

More enjoyable everyday life

Increase engagement and motivation in customer service.

Engaging tool

Simple and interactive tool that engages and motivates your agents.


Increase self-leadership and engagement in customer service

Boost your agents with our Livefeed

Do you want to highlight all the fantastic things your team do every day and boost them with positive energy? You can do that with our Livefeed! To keep the motivation up, each agent has a personal Livefeed where they can continuously see positive reviews and comments from customers. An example of an automatic message could be:

“You have made a customer really happy, well done!”

You can also set it up so that the whole team can share positive results, to strengthen the team spirit and to encourage each other. For example:

“Anna Eriksson has made a customer really happy and achieved 100% CSAT”.

In the personal Livefeed, the agent can also see if they have received new coaching, an award in a competition or praise from colleagues.

Make everyday life more fun with gamification

Gamification is an excellent tool to strengthen team spirit, pride in the brand and create an engaging culture. It is easy to create and schedule competitions in all possible areas such as:

“Which team has the highest customer satisfaction this week?”

“Which team sells the most revenue during the month?”

All agents can easily follow how their team is doing and what it takes to win.

Of course, there is also functionality for the more competitive agents to start duels, one-on-one. The winner gets a medal/award in the tool and confetti on the screen.

Gamification keeps agents engaged, motivated, and happy, which leads to more satisfied customers.

Visualize development opportunities with a career ladder

Which of your customer service agents can go from a beginner to an expert in customer service? With Indicate me, you can create a unique career ladder in your customer service. Choose which titles should exist, set clear goals, and let your agents climb upwards!

The career ladder is an excellent tool for getting your agents to grow and stay longer within your company. Here, for example, there is functionality for awarding medals/awards for completed training, which you may have set as a requirement to move up to the next level. The career ladder visualizes goals and development opportunities in an engaging way, where agents gain insight into what is expected at each step.

”We increased sales by 80 percent with the help of Indicate me in less than a year”

Boost your sales and value-added services with Indicate me

With Indicate me, you can provide your customer service agents with information about current offers during ongoing conversations with customers. You can also easily track conversion rates, offer rates, and sales.

Agents who receive commissions can easily see how much they will earn at the end of the month.

To build pride and motivation, top lists are available. For example:

“Who has created the most orders? Which team has generated the most revenue?”


Benefits of the tool

Quick feedback
Customer service agents can track their own performance and results.

Development and motivation
Give out awards during training and let agents climb a career ladder.

Gamification contributes to a sense of belongingness, even if you are not in the same location.

Positive energy in customer service
Agents receive positive updates automatically in the livefeed.

Provide your agents with tools to improve their own results.

Engaging culture
Strengthen the team spirit and pride with friendly competitions.


Engagement and motivation in customer service

Video about positive energy in customer service

  • What happens if we focus on all the positive things that happen every day, every little detail, and store them as if they gave us extra life points?
  • If we can easily identify the situations that drain our energy and actively try to minimize them, what happens then? Well, we will definitely feel better and do a better job.

Watch the video and hear how Lina Bjelkmar, CEO of Indicate me, discusses this topic.


More tools for customer service

Increased customer satisfaction

A service for quality assurance and better insights into your customer experiences.

Optimization of time

With our features, you’ll have complete control over where time is spent in customer service.


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