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Optimize the time

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Tools for optimizing time in customer service

Indicate me’s tool for optimizing time in customer service gives you as a customer service agent, team leader, or manager important insights into how customer service is performing without you having to spend time creating different reports. Thanks to the automatic notifications, it is easy to identify positive and negative trends and areas for improvement.

Find processes that can be streamlined in a simple and smart way – We provide you with complete support to keep track of time in customer service. The tool’s unique features make it possible to identify areas for improvement, take action, and follow up on the impact of the action.

Control in no time

Gain full control of how you optimize time in customer service

Improved and faster response times

With increased productivity, you can provide your customers with faster service.

Lower costs

Increased efficiency and productivity lead to reduced costs.

Aggregated key figures (KPI)

Easily gather all key figures and compare planned time versus actual time.


What features do we offer for time optimization?

Focus on the right things

With Indicate me, you get a clear overview of all the time spent in customer service, which helps you easily see what is required to provide the best and fastest customer service to your customers. For example, you can see if agents need more training in a specific area or if there are cases that are handled inefficiently. It is also easy to see differences in efficiency between different channels, such as phone, chat, or email. All of this is analyzed and visualized in Indicate me to help you focus on the right things. Indicate me is an excellent tool for optimizing staffing in your customer service and easily identifying areas for improvement.


In the tool, you can view parameters over a specified time period and agent competency. This includes results in case handling time, post-processing time, absence, productivity, and efficiency.

Manage all key figures in one place

All visualization of insights is done entirely without manual intervention and results in you gaining full control over where time is being spent and how time or channels can be optimized, both at the process and individual level. Indicate me automatically collects statistics from multiple sources, such as your contact center platform and scheduling system.


Benefits of the tool

Cost savings
Identify processes that can be streamlined.

Improve your productivity
Optimize your staffing and allocate more time to your customers.

Insights and control
Gain complete control over where time is being spent in customer service.

Well-founded decisions
Obtain data-driven insights that provide a solid foundation for decisions.

Provide your agents with tools to improve their results on their own.

Elevate the status of customer service internally
Visualize insights that are valuable for the entire company.


Profitability in customer service

A video about efficiency in customer service together with our customer Releasy 

  • Do you have a profitable customer service?
  • Are there other ways to measure customer service performance than by handling time and number of handled cases per hour?
  • Is it acceptable to talk for longer if you are also making sales?
  • How can agents gain an understanding of what efficiency is?

In the video, Johan Frodell, CEO of Releasy, shares more about how they have refined their measurement of efficiency. Hear his thoughts in the video!


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