About us

A subsidiary of Releasy

Indicate me is a subsidiary of Releasy, which develops modern and advanced web services for successful customer service work.

Releasy is one of Sweden’s leading actors in customer service and sales with more than 30 years’ experience of customer service. Over the years, we have developed advanced web services that are an important part of our operation; systems that we have now packaged in a user-friendly dashboard. Not wanting to be egocentric, we are now offering these tried and tested services to all who wish to use them.

360° view of Customer Service

Professional services conducted by our experienced consultants also enable us to help you and your business find just the right KPIs to help you develop. We can also show you how to follow up KPIs for the best possible results.

Our web services are extremely user friendly and easy to learn, which in today’s world is a must for implementation and improvements with a focus on customer interaction rather than IT.

Experts in customer service

Everyone at Indicate me is an expert in customer service. Together with a team of developers, we have created a brand new digital platform that can make a world of difference to your customer service operation. Meet Indicate me.

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Send us a message using the web form or call or e-mail us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.