Text and speech analysis

Understand your customers better

- without asking

Text and speech analysis

Maximize the value of your customer contacts with text and speech analysis

Indicate me’s qualitative solution for speech to text helps you maximize the value of your customer interactions. With our technology, you can gain valuable and comprehensive insights from thousands, even millions, of customer conversations!

Our speech to text technology helps you convert speech into text and analyze its contents. Make quick and informed decisions and get the tools you need to take control of your improvement opportunities.

✓ Automatically understand and categorize the topics customers contact you about.

✓ Gain insights into how your customers feel through automatic sentiment analysis.

✓ Enhance customer experiences by using AI to identify the best expressions and select conversations for coaching through automation.

✓ Identify processes that can be simplified for both customers and internal purposes.

Powerful cross-analysis

We have the market’s broadest range of products within customer service and gather all key metrics.

GDPR compliant with high IT security

Storage in Sweden and smart streaming. Obtain valuable and in-depth insights from a large volume of customer interaction.

High-quality transcriptions

The quality of the texts and numbers are written correctly. This enables accurate analysis and anonymization.

Deeper insights in customer service

Understand why your customers are reaching out and how they feel about different factors to gain valuable insights.


Speech to text

What do your customers want?

Understanding why customers contact your business is important to improve the customer experience. In the past, this has been done through manual categorization, but thanks to technological advances, it can now be done automatically. By using a combination of speech-to-text, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, cases can be categorized with 100% accuracy and can even include multiple topics.

By using this technology, you can find valuable insights in customer contacts. Accurate search functionality and automatic reports can give you an overview of what customers are feeling right now and provide insights that are valuable to the entire organization.

Examples of insights include:

  • What do your customers think about the app or website?
  • What are customers more or less satisfied with regarding your products/services?
  • Are customers mentioning a competitor more than usual right now?

These insights can be used, for example, to optimize processes, improve the customer experience, and help you make decisions about campaigns and offers.

We know how your customers feel – without asking

Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool that can help you understand how your customers feel without having to ask them directly. By using advanced algorithms and natural language processing, sentiment analysis can quickly and effectively analyze large amounts of data to identify the emotional tone.

Using sentiment analysis can provide a deeper understanding of how your customers feel, which can help you improve your products and services and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, sentiment analysis can help you identify and address any problems or dissatisfaction in a timely manner.

One of the biggest advantages of sentiment analysis is that it provides a 100% response rate. Since sentiment analysis is used to analyze large amounts of data, it can also identify the sentiment in each individual paragraph, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of how your customers feel.

Another advantage of sentiment analysis is that it can provide insights into how emotions develop during a conversation. By analyzing the emotional tone and choice of words in each paragraph, you can see how emotions change and evolve during a conversation, which can help you better understand your customers and develop more effective strategies to increase customer satisfaction.

Examples of insights include:

  • How do your customers feel about different conversation categories?
  • How does sentiment relate to the customer’s own ratings (NPS) and free comments?
  • Is there any connection between response times, forwarding, categories, and sentiment?

Create incredible customer experiences and let AI make your everyday easier

By letting AI find the best expressions that have a positive impact on the customer, you save time and make life easier for team leaders. Choosing words and phrases that are both positive and easy to understand creates a good experience for the customer, which can ultimately increase customer satisfaction and strengthen the company’s brand.

At Indicate me, you have the opportunity to create a library of fantastic examples to boost your agents. By sharing good examples and providing feedback on what works well, you can create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Another option is to use AI to select calls for coaching automatically. By analyzing calls, you can identify patterns and areas for development that can help agents improve their communication with customers. This way, you can create a more effective and targeted coaching program that gives agents tools to deliver even better customer experiences.

Expected effects of our speech to text

  • Find ways to simplify for customers and internally
  • Reduce handling time for cases
  • Reduce case volume
  • Save time for leaders and quality assurance
  • Less time spent on manual categorization


Benefits of the tool

How do your customers feel?
Automatic sentiment analysis that provides insights into your customers’ emotions.

Deeper understanding
Cross-analyze sentiment with other key metrics such as actual customer satisfaction (CSAT) or perceived response time.

Create amazing customer experiences
Let AI find your best expressions and select calls for coaching.

Positive energy in customer service
Agents receive positive updates automatically in the livefeed.

Find your way in the gold mine of insights
Search freely for words and phrases that a conversation should or should not contain.

Save resources, time, and money
Identify processes to simplify for both customers and internal operations.


More tools for customer service

Increased customer satisfaction

A service for quality assurance and better insights into your customer experiences.

Optimization of time

With our features, you’ll have complete control over where time is spent in customer service.


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