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The use of AI in customer service analysis

AI Buddy

Indicate me is a strong player in AI and visualization of insights in customer service. We offer a modern web-based tool that gathers all data in one place in a user-friendly dashboard. Customers receive assistance in areas such as text and speech analysis, increased customer satisfaction, optimization of time, engagement and self-leadership.

AI Buddy supports self-leadership in customer service.

Key principles of self-leadership include personal responsibility and individual development. Indicate me facilitates this developmental journey, in part, through its innovative AI Buddy™. Its primary mission is to assist employees in identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. Through individually tailored tips and advice, it acts as a digital coach, aiding employees in growing within their roles.

Quality assurance

AI Buddy automatically detects knowledge gaps.


Employees continuously develop through feedback.

Automatic coaching

AI Buddy assesses all employees fairly and equally.

Time savings

Leaders can focus on the interactions that need to be discussed.


AI in analysis work

At Indicate me, we deeply integrate AI technology into customer service analysis. Here, we offer advanced text and speech analysis, among other services. Through this technology, we transform non-text-based interactions into readable text and apply various analyses. One such analysis is our sentiment analysis. It is an automatic measurement that interprets how the customer expresses themselves and correlates with customer satisfaction. Through this analysis, you and your team gain insights into phrases that have a positive impact on the customer, enabling you to build lasting customer relationships.

Another advantage of our text and speech analysis is its ability to automatically group and understand why customers are contacting you, without manual intervention. Each interaction can also be categorized into multiple relevant categories if the customer is calling about multiple issues.

Learn more about our text and speech analysis here


What can AI Buddy™ help you with?

Automatic Coaching

By utilizing AI, we let technology identify the content of interactions based on words, phrases, and expressions. This allows AI Buddy™ to capture various elements. Take, for example, customer identification. If you want all employees to inquire about BankID, AI Buddy™ can identify when it has been done. Or perhaps you have a specific phrase that every employee should say at the beginning or end of a call? For instance, ‘Welcome’ or ‘Can I assist you with anything else?’

Using predefined forms where you’ve specified what a conversation should include, AI Buddy™ can automatically fill out the form and provide human-like comments: ‘You did this well in the conversation, but you forgot this. Keep it in mind next time.’

Incorrect answers and knowledge gaps

AI Buddy™ is also an excellent detective when it comes to identifying when your customer service representatives provide incorrect answers and helps pinpoint knowledge gaps. AI Buddy™ can easily scan your company’s FAQs, knowledge database, website, and/or product information to determine if there’s information in your customer dialogues that doesn’t align, thus significantly facilitating your quality assurance efforts.


Employees can start their day with summaries from the previous day. Were the goals achieved? What positive feedback did the customers provide?

AI Buddy


Benefits of the tool

Time savings
Leaders can focus on the interactions that need to be discussed.

Quality assurance
AI Buddy™ automatically detects knowledge gaps.

Increased efficiency
Efficiency improves when repetitive tasks like filling out coaching forms disappear.

Increased self-leadership
Employees continuously develop through feedback.

Objective assessment
With AI Buddy™, all employees are evaluated equally.

Increased engagement
AI Buddy™ provides human-like comments that support and encourage your employees.


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