Empower Customer Service Agents

Do you want to boost your agents’ performance? Do you want agents that are happy and loyal? Are you looking for a tool that will help your agents perform at their best and always aim higher? Then Gamification is the right way to go!

Employees need a sense of value and purpose to stay driven and motivated. Indicate me has the right tools to engage your team and turn them into top performers.


Gamification is the best tool if you want to boost the performance of your agents while making sure they are motivated and aim higher. Gamification speaks to basic human needs: the desire for knowledge, recognition, and achievement.

Boost Agent performance

Each agent has access to a personal dashboard where they can follow their own performance. The dashboard provides a view of their individual performance over time. The agent can track and follow their performance, making coaching easier. To reinforce positive feedback, Indicate me triggers automatic personal notifications in a live feed, where everyone can see each other’s great performance and give kudos. Agents can receive badges especially designed for your purpose and area of achievement.

Create a culture of engagement

Friendly competition among colleagues is energizing and fun, but most importantly, competition motivates agents to aim higher. Gamification is a great tool to strengthen brand pride, team cohesion and creates a culture of engagement. It is proven that gamification keeps agents engaged, happy and loyal in turn leading to happy and loyal customers.

Benefits of Gamification:

• Agents receive fast feedback and can easily track their performance.
• Agents become more motivated and willing to aim higher.
• Gamification gives a sense of community, even if the teams aren’t located at the same place.

Key Indicate, Macbook Air Key Indicate, Macbook Air

1. Visualization of sales statistics for both inbound and outbound sales, totally customizable for e.g. different campaigns.

2. Emphasize the potential for your employees by visualizing their sales commission in real time.

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