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Additional email communication may also occur with our existing customers for the purpose of fulfilling our role within the scope of our business relationships and agreements.

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If you order information, register for events, your personal data will be stored and processed to fulfill your order. When you visit websites, or landing pages, your visit is recorded. Such information is used, among other things, to provide us with information about the number of visitors and which parts of the website, or landing pages are visited. When you open and click on links in websites, and landing pages, this is also recorded, and you may be contacted by Indicate me.

Our websites and landing pages may contain links to other websites. Indicate me is not responsible for the processing of personal data on such websites. Providing information is voluntary, but providing the requested information in full is necessary for us to perform the requested service or fulfill the agreement.

Indicate me’s customer register is confidential. Your customer information, such as contact details, will not be used for any purpose other than providing you with access to information and services from Indicate me or third parties approved by Indicate me.

Personal data is collected through forms on the website, events, competitions, and agreement arrangements. All processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204) and other laws relating to personal data.

Your contact details are handled with modern information technology and may be used, among other things, for managing customer relationships, analysis, marketing, and direct marketing via postal mail or digital means. The personal data may be supplemented by obtaining information from private and public records, such as address updates. The personal data may be disclosed to other companies for necessary processing in accordance with the purpose of the personal data on behalf of Indicate me, for example, in connection with event printing.

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